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Welcome to Snow White Assisted Living LLC

Meaningful memories with each day you spend at our home…

We invite you to Snow White Assisted Living LLC where each day is filled with recreational activities that make time worthwhile. We are an assisted living home located in Bowie, Maryland.

For years, we’ve given adults a home in a sanctuary-like environment where they will be cared for by professional caregivers and personal care attendants. We provide our residents with mobility assistance, meal preparation and supplementary therapy services with the aim to enhance the physical, emotional and mental aspects of their health.

Staying at Snow White Assisted Living LLC is like never leaving your home. Instead, we help residents smoothly transition from their own residence into ours by guiding them every step of the way. Some of the features of our Assisted Living Home include:

  • We Offer A Rate Structure to Meet Each Resident Needs, From Private To Semi Private Room
  • Full Laundry, Ironing and House Keeping Services
  • We are Approved for Medical Assistant ( MEDICAID WAIVER)
  • Safety supervision and maintenance of hazard-free environment
  • Round-the-clock assistance by certified caregivers and personal care attendants
  • Peaceful neighborhood and well-maintained home setting
  • Home-cooked meals to be shared with other residents over lively conversations

Why Choose Us?

You will know that staying at Snow White Assisted Living LLC is your best decision yet. Many of our clients choose our assisted living home for the compassionate staff and quality services we provide...

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